Why video is integral to your business

‘Marketing is about values, so we want to be really clear on what we want people to know about us.’ – Steve Jobs

Video has permeated advertising in every way. That’s a fact.

There’s no wonder why as it’s somewhat of an ultimate medium. It can enable a business to tell a story in a clear and succinct way while communicating a message of what they want their customers to engage in.

With the rise of cheaper and faster cellular-network contracts, almost anyone can sign up to use a generous 4G data package, ready to catch up on last week’s programming from the BBC, or just to keep up with their favourite YouTuber.

It’s easier than ever to create and share videos for your business, regardless of them being 15-seconds or even five minutes as a video-podcast for social media.

Brands need a video marketing strategy, it’s central to making a campaign relate to a bigger audience out there on more platforms.

Here’s why video content is important for your business.

Think Differently

Video for advertising is a method that’s been around ever since moving pictures were possible on a screen. People would be enamoured by the story of an advert and would in turn, convince them that it was a product worth purchasing.

Other adverts throughout the years have been so far away from the product that they’ve stayed in the public-conscious just because of what the advert contained. This advert for ‘Smash’ in the early seventies has been well-remembered and is a great example of having a video that makes people remember the product, alongside the robots. It’s even transcended generations, becoming almost shorthand for advertising success.

Others simply give a message of hope, and the closing line can be the definition of the campaign, and the verb for the company as well, as Apple succeeded to do in the late nineties.

Let’s Instagram It

It’s said that 55% of people watch online videos every day; whether that’s on social media, YouTube or an on-demand service, they’re everywhere. But that’s why that video should be implemented into every campaign you do in some way. It doesn’t even need to be an advert, but even a podcast can cover the attributes of one.

A series that has a head of a department in a business, for example, interviewing other employees can give the listener great insight into how they work and can help direct them to their website and the services/products that they offer. 

At the same time, they’re learning about the industry, but also about the business; in a sense, it’s a 10-minute advert but as an episode in a podcast.

Other avenues such as Facebook, can allow you to remarket an advert to a new audience for the coming month, and have it show both on Facebook and Instagram while they’re scrolling through their feed. It’s a great way of applying the campaign to others that may have missed it the first time.

If you utilise the space well, it can really allow you to fit more of the message into a paid placement, to better understand the business, and to tell a story that could even relate to the watcher as well. It can be emotive, it can be compassionate, and it can be exciting; there’s almost no limit as to what a video-advertisement can bring, as long as it’s relevant to the business and the message is still intact.

Full Motion Speed Ahead

A video on social media can relate to what the viewer has been looking at in the past week; it could relate to a film, food, a game, and the message could still make an impact to the viewer.

As the long-running ‘Orange Wednesdays’ adverts prove, nostalgia and where people would be watching this, such as a cinema, can make the whole campaign be relevant, and can, in turn, trigger a memory to the viewer from watching their favourite film, and now be parodied in an advert.

Overall, this is why you should include video content in your business; it can tell more of a story for the business in question, while also making it exciting for the viewer to watch, regardless if it’s on their 5-inch smartphone during a train-commute. 

Always try to have it as important as the advertising copy that’s already been featured in magazines and billboards; let them be the front cover, but have the video content be the introduction to the business you’re aiming to promote.

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