How can we devise a digital marketing strategy?

With so many platforms, digital marketing options and varying specialisms within your marketing team, how can you even begin to devise a digital marketing strategy? We asked our team for some insight!


– As advertisers, we need to essentially be where the target markets eyes are. Pretty much regardless of which platform that might be. If it’s the case that our target audiences eyes are on TikTok and they’re engaging with TikTok, it means that as advertisers, we need to be advertising on TikTok to those people. If the people that we want to reach out to are on Instagram and are engaging with stuff on Instagram and that their main attention is on Instagram, it means that as advertisers, we need to be put in our ads on Instagram. Ultimately, it’s our job as advertisers, not to use platforms where it’s the job of advertisers, to influence audiences.

– When it comes to creating your next big campaign, the number one place to start is the big white board and the big black pen. And you’re going to end up rubbing things off the board. You’re going to be ending up bringing in part of the sales team across, the marketing across, the customer service team across bringing all these different heads into one room and trying to create a campaign that works for everyone.

– People need to sort of be included from the offset. So you’re collecting ideas from everyone in the team here at Distract we never work kind of solely on a project. We’re always sort of pulling in different members, getting different people’s opinions and it works really well. And it means that what you get at the end is quite a fully formed idea.

– If you can make sure that everyone is part of that process. Everyone’s believing in that message and that content, you’ll get a much less frictional and more beneficial campaign right across the team. And I think many people will focus on the grand idea, the big thinking, the amazing concept, when actually many people within your organisation, they all will be part of the marketing. They think it’s the fancy, the fluffy area. The bit that everyone enjoys doing.

– You can start small, do a bit of an experiment, prove to people that it works and then stop bringing them in. So, there’s different ways of sort of getting people’s interest, whether you first have to prove that it works to them, or whether you just straight up get them involved, pull them into a meeting, get ideas, sort of bouncing around the office and everyone, get everyone excited about it. Cause everyone’s pulling in the same direction, then your campaign is just more likely to be a success.

– And you don’t have to use all their concepts, but by getting them involved with the idea, we’ll make sure the concept and the campaign is a bigger success.

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