How can we utilise new platforms like TikTok?

Marketing Managers often ask us how to utilise new platforms like TikTok – with new platforms being released every other year, it can be hard to keep track! We spoke to our team about this, and here’s what they had to say!


– Loads of people are messaging us at the moment about TikTok ads, Snapchat ads, and all this new age advertising. And for many Marketing Directors or Marketing Managers out there, it can be a world full of confusion. These platforms are growing and developing faster than ever before. And agencies like ourself are having to learn very, very quickly with these new platforms, and then literally a year a brand new platform comes and takes it’s, take it’s fold.

– So those platforms are great for creating memorable, top-of-funnel content which is really good for building brand awareness, but at the same time you have to bear in mind, are you audiences actually on those platforms in the first place? It’s important to test these places, and then if they don’t work, try something else until you find the right way that fits for you.

– What I say to you right now is you should be looking at all platforms and not focusing on one. You should be looking at what they bring to the table and really focusing on a holistic approach to your marketing. Five, six, seven years ago, you could literally create a Facebook ad or a Google ad and it would bring you a return in investment. These days, 2020 going into 2021, the digital world has changed, and these platforms now work closer than ever before. We’re recommending our brands and our clients bring everything together, whether that be all in-house or all with an agency, rather than having things scatter-gunned approached. Pulling it all together, working as a unit, working as a collective across all platforms to influence your audiences is definitely the thing you should be doing.

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