How can we make content that matters?

Marketing Managers often ask us how can we make content that matters – we asked our team, and here’s what they said!


So many times I see people making content just for the sake of it. And they didn’t really think about the consumer or the purchaser in mind. And this is because people have internal metrics they have to follow, write the three pieces of content a day or post on our blog once a week. And these metrics, really, they force the creation of content without the full process of why you’re writing that content.

What I want you to do as a marketer or marketing director is scrap some of your KPI metrics around the creation of content and focus on making content that really matters. Focus on making content that has the target user in mind, because I don’t want to go on your accountancy blog and read something completely irrelevant to me. I want to find content that fits what I want so I can learn, and then therefore I can buy from you.

So make sure that you’ve got that universal message, that consistent message, but differentiates it to the different pools of people that you’re advertising to. That way you can provide relevant content to multiple different people.

And the beauty of digital advertising is that it’s not like buying a slot on a billboard or buying a slot on the London underground, where you essentially have one placement and you can’t differentiate what people see in that placement, depending on who they are.

I think the easiest way to tailor content to your audience is changing the way you speak via the channels in which you’re advertising. So the way you word something on Facebook, isn’t necessarily going to be the same way you word something on LinkedIn.

We have the means to be able to show different people, different adverts, different content, based on who they are, based on what they’re interested in, what they do, what they like. So because of that, we have no excuse to not create content which is hyper-relevant and it’s hyper-targeted as these platforms are because they allow us to do it.

I think this also applies to what channels you should be advertising on. So for example, if you have an older demographic, you’re not necessarily going to want to advertise on TikTok for example, who have a much younger demographic.

Just take a few minutes, forget the KPIs this week or this month, and focus on creating great content that can really work with the audience.

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