How do funnels work in digital marketing?

Educating your audience about your brand, and sometimes even your product, can often be key to unlocking a higher conversion rate. We asked the team how funnels can help with this, and how they can be used to deliver more conversions!


– You have your top line, your first phase of the funnel. This is to get the initial touch point of the brand across, right. Really nice and simple. Maybe you have a headline video, maybe you’ve just put a bit of content out there to get a brand in front of the right people. Once they start seeing this content, you can then start nurturing you through the process. But I really believe that in every level of online marketing, you have to have an initial brand awareness touchpoint.

– Google Display and YouTube adverts are fantastic for building a bigger audience. But do your research into placements first. Are your, where are your users going to be? What channels do they look at what websites do they look at? Find them at the right place. Otherwise, you might just be throwing money away into targeting everyone and not bringing anything back in.

– Consider the use of collaboration with other businesses that your clients use. Other businesses, other services, that your client base will also use. So let’s say if you’re a accountant, then those people will also your clients will also use solicitors. They’ll also use estate agents, they’ll also use financial planners, right? For example, these are all services that your clients will also use.

– I really believe that if you go direct to the sale, you’re really going to be having a high cost per acquisition, you’re going to be struggling to get that person over the line. But if you can just give a bit of brand awareness, a little bit of that top of the funnel content, it will naturally help you build a more sustainable and long term brand. It’s how we’ve seen brands like Apple do so amazingly well over their lifespan because they’ve been focusing on branded content, pushing the message that Apple are quality and great products. And every single brand and business out there can have the same message. Yes, you want to get sales today. But let’s focus on getting sales tomorrow as well. And that’s why branded content, top of funnel content should always be part of your marketing mix.

– So it’s important to remember that when you’re bringing in top of funnel audiences that these people aren’t going to convert straight away, it’s going to be a long term thing. So bringing in high quality users is very important. So you may have some certain KPIs for them to maybe download a PDF, for example. And then once you’ve got them in your sales funnel, you can hit them with remarketing, make sure you’re there when they’re ready to buy.

– I think that when looking at how to get new people into your audience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be as complicated as massive profiling exercises and then translating that into digital ads. And you’re working on algorithms and all of these things sure that stuff works and it’s great, but it doesn’t necessarily always have to be as complicated as that. Looking at cross pollinating audiences from your partners in slightly different but complementing industries is a great place to start and cross pollinating those audiences is a great way to get new people into your sales funnel.

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