Building an audience through creative content

Content creation is the backbone of many marketing campaigns in different industries. It can help redefine or simply define what a business does, and how they’re doing it.

However, making it stand out is a challenge in the oversaturated field of social media, video and podcasts; everyone wants to have their content read or listened to, and everyone wants to gain subscribers for their future content.

It helps to have focus on what the campaign needs for the coming months, in order to decide on which content needs to be created, that best fits the goal of the campaign for the business we’re working with.

With that, here’s some points to help build that audience through the content.

Tell a Story

People like to read a story which has a compelling beginning, middle and end. Christmas adverts are a good example here; the John Lewis advert builds up anticipation in November for what they’re going to show, and in December, it’s usually shared and discussed through the many social media channels.

A story can engage and it can enthuse someone to do something that they didn’t previously consider. But above all, it can help remind them of where the story came from, and when working with a business, this can really help content shine.

Make it as a story that spans across a few months perhaps, or have a spotlight shine on someone in particular where it can educate the audience in a story-driven way.

Make Infographics

While we don’t mean having a PowerPoint presentation as ad copy, having informative, interesting graphics or supplementary information can help enforce the point of the campaign, or what the business wants to convey to a particular service.

When reaching out via digital PR to ensure clients receive coverage, we need to think about what the journalist is after. At the end of the day, they need fresh, original and engaging content. Bringing a story to life with additional material is essential. This can be a simple infographic to back up some data, or some illustrative extras to complement the story and make it more relatable to the ultimate audience, which is readers and visitors to the publication’s website.

The same principle applied to social media stands hard here. Posts with a video or photo are more likely to make an impact rather than a simple text-based page or post. Something eye-catching can often be created quickly and back up an entire concept.

For example, a real life job application page sitting on a website when accompanied by a ‘dream job’ story for a brand could not only encourage more journalists to cover the piece, but also draw more people into signups for products or services. 

Engage with your Audience

Conversing with your audience via published content is one aspect, but creating content based on audiences’ responses and opinions can be invaluable when engaging with them. Creating podcasts or newsletters where heads of the business respond to questions being sent in by their target audience, can really help bridge the gap between vendor and customer. It helps bring a greater understanding to what the business can do, and it could even influence future products and services to better serve its existing customers.

Creative content isn’t a twist on existing methods, it’s finding new ways to engage with both your existing and new audiences, in order for the business to enter avenues that you didn’t think were previously accessible to them.

It can help ideas flourish and refine existing ones, which is how the content can result in having much more engagement than it did before.

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