Should we make a Podcast?

Marketing Managers often ask us if a Podcast is right for their brand – we asked our team, and here’s what they said!


– Many people ask me all the time, should I start a podcast? Why should I create a podcast? What the benefits are of a podcast? And to me, you have to really start thinking about your end user but also think about your content production, right? I mean, right now I’m talking to a camera. This is going to be filmed, but it also will take the audio and that can then create the podcast. And then we’ll take that podcast, we’ll then create blog content, which will then be LinkedIn posts or Facebook posts. You see, you don’t have to go out there and create specific podcast content but you just have to go out there and create content.

– In a world where people are very time poor, people don’t have the time that they had before to be able to sit and watch these programmes because things are at a much faster pace now. So because of that, if you can move your content to be something that people can listen to in the background, people can digest in the background whilst they’re on the move, whilst they’re doing other things during their day, then that means that you’re going to fit back into that timetable, which otherwise you might have lost out on.

– I think a podcast can aid a blog, for example, in making you become a wealth of knowledge in your industry. It can help build up trust and relationship with potential customers so that in the future, when they’re looking to buy your product or your service, then they’re going to trust you.

– Podcasts are great because they’re incredibly flexible. You know, whether it be long-form content of over an hour where you’re talking in depth about something, maybe it be very short and very regular content where you’re providing 10 minutes every day or every couple of days, it has that flexibility to be able to be whatever you make of it.

– What I believe you should be doing is creating content that works for you and works for your team. If your team are massively camera shy, then maybe a podcast is a good idea, but if your team love to be on camera and create a message and make an impact, then absolutely get a camera out and work to what they have in mind. And I think often in marketing, we say that you have to do this, you have to do that. You don’t have to do anything but the thing you really should be doing is doing something.

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