Should we use personal branding in B2B?

Educating your audience about your brand, and sometimes even your product, can often be key to unlocking a higher conversion rate. We asked the team how funnels can help with this, and how they can be used to deliver more conversions!


– In the world of B2B marketing, I believe building a personal brand is by far the greatest thing you can do. And when I say personal brand, I don’t mean you have to be an influencer with 3.6 million followers; a personal brand actually in itself can be 3 people, it can be 4 people, it can be 98 people. You see, a personal brand in itself is completely relative to the people that are following that brand because what actually is happening when people listen to your content, read your blog or visit your website is they’re giving you time to sell to them. Now, that’s what many people forget: you don’t need to have 62 million followers, you just have to have one follower.

– Pick a niche and religiously stick to that niche. What’s the next one going to be, this next market niche, which doesn’t have a huge influencer yet? Because you bet there’ll be these niches which have got big followings or big interest but don’t have an influencer to follow yet. There’s so much generic out there, there’s so much general out there, that’s a blunt instrument to try and cut through the noise. Picking something that’s hyper niche, that’s going to have a small but really engaged set of followers, set of audience, that’s where I would suggest that you take it.

– You need to make sure you get yourself out there on the channels and where your audience is, and make sure you interact with people, you’re constantly posting and you’re talking to your audience.

– Now, you have to understand, if you have any form of influence, any sort of personal brand over anybody, you should be very, very thankful that people are giving you that time of day for that content, but giving and building a personal brand naturally and then pointing it towards your business will always grow it, whether you end with you speaking on stage in front of 100, 200 people, therefore selling, or whether it be having that one-to-one chat which then could be a recorded conversation for the future. But building a personal brand in B2B marketing is by far the most important thing you can do right now.

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