Everything you ever wanted to know about PPC

From Ad Extensions to auctions, Data Studio to Dynamic Ads, our PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising team share their insights and expert knowledge.

Where should you start when it comes to digital marketing?

Research. Research. Research. If you’re ever unsure where to begin when looking at digital marketing for your campaign, those three points are a good place to start.

Digital marketing’s black sheep – don’t discount Bing

Search engines have been a constant throughout the lifetime of the internet. Ever since the days where we would all marvel over the computers in the school library for an hour a day, we’ve always used search engines as guides, as the main gateway to sites that would have previously passed us by.

How to set up your Google Search Campaign correctly

Whether we like it or not, Google is the ruling platform on the internet. It drives everything from opinion to politics to purchasing decisions every day.

How to monetise audiences built through the Google Grant (RLSA)

We spoke before about the Google Grant in a previous post in how to apply for one, and to make sure that your company was ready to meet the criteria for the grant. However, when there’s a campaign that’s made its mark and has succeeded in creating engagement for the company; what’s the next step?

What exactly is a Showcase Shopping Ad?

If you have any experience with Google AdWords, it’s likely you’ll be versed with every advertiser’s saviour – Google Shopping Ads. However, you might not have met their new and improved cousin, Showcase Shopping Ads.

How to write successful text ads that effectively reach potential customers

Text ads are the most common ad format on the Google Network. Whether you are looking for a service, a company, location or more information on a subject, where do we go for that information? The Search Network.

Why you should be using Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information about your business on your ads. The more you show, the bigger the ad. The bigger the ad, the more eye-catching your ad becomes to a potential customer. Not only do they increase the size of your ad but they also increase your quality score. It’s a no brainer.

What is dynamic remarketing and how could it help your business?

Have you visited a website, and viewed a particular product, and noticed that ever since that product has been following you around the internet in the form of display adverts?

What is Quality Score & why does it matter?

Quality Score is a metric Google created to measure the quality & relevance of your ads. It is used to determine your Cost-Per-Click, along with the position of your ad on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).