Just Do It.

Think Different.

Take the Pepsi Challenge.

Each one of the above are examples of traditional marketing; offline content that’s been funneled through channels that have been around for decades. These are straight to the point and yet there’s a good chance you’ve heard at least one of these, alongside the campaign that followed. 

You may have heard of traditional marketing before, but the definition has become skewed by some campaigns.

It mainly incorporates four categories:

  • Direct Mail
  • Print
  • Broadcasting
  • Telemarketing


However, there are some businesses who still incorporate the most recent methods in marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, streaming and videos on social media channels to directly appeal to the target audience in mind alongside this.

We often get asked the question of whether clients should scrap their traditional advertising altogether, and we don’t believe it’s a path you should go down. It’s a proven method of appealing to the many audiences we work towards engaging with for our clients.

In previous blogs, we’ve often said that one campaign does not fit every client. Every aim is different, every copy decision and campaign is catered to fit the business and who they are trying to reach. Traditional marketing is a big factor here. A local company in Lincoln may benefit from a print advertisement in the Lincolnshire Echo rather than an expensive advert on TikTok.

It’s important to never put all of your eggs into one basket for a campaign when traditional marketing is used. Look around and listen to the data to see what other categories the business could benefit from. If they already have an advert running on local radio, perhaps a podcast could be the next step, or perhaps some video content. You can easily track the conversions and also how an audience responds to these types of traditional marketing alongside your digital efforts.

Make sure to look at your full marketing strategy plan. Look to the outlets your business is being featured in currently. Make sure that you’re looking at exactly what the spend of the campaign is going to be. Not everyone has a smart device or is on every social media channel. There have and still will be audiences who will discover business through the traditional channels such as television and print.