Making content relevant with PR

When it comes to making headlines, we do it best. Here, the PR team share their latest thoughts and top tips on how to start making waves in your industry.

Digital & traditional marketing working together

Up until 1999, traditional marketing was the only method in spreading the message of a brand, through newspapers, radio and television.

Being a Client’s guide

Whenever we begin a working relationship with a client, one of the most important aspects is to understand their needs, and understand what we can do to help them.

Quality over quantity in PR

When a project at Distract begins to come together, a significant part of the puzzle is PR. Working in the PR department as a Digital PR Executive, I’m always talking to a wide variety of journalists and companies to see how we can best paint a brand message in the best light.

Choosing small can return big results!

Over the years there have been plenty of social media channels that have made a big impact in campaigns for businesses.

How to get started with PR

Never contemplated PR before? Don’t know where to start? Do you even have an inkling what PR is? You wouldn’t be the first.

Are you part of the podcast boom?

We get asked about ways to self-promote and spread key messaging all the time. At the moment, audio is truly a category that’s really growing and one of the best ways that people are seeing returns right now in terms of content creation is podcasting.

Finding images for your content marketing

During your final checks over your completed, ready to publish blog post there’s one last thing that you should add that will give it an added shine. No blog post is fully complete without accompanying images that illustrate your written article.

What does Facebook’s Instant Article feature mean for brands?

Facebook launched its new Instant Article Feature back in May, offering publishers of media outlets and brands the chance to upload more interactive content.

Articles, blogs, content, as simple as ABC! Or is it?

In a 21st century world where we have become overpowered by technology and online content, we all understand the need for this content, but cannot always be sure what angle to take, what to type and, perhaps most importantly, what style you wish to adopt.