The ABC's of Marketing Strategy

From personal branding to podcasting, reporting to results, our expert digital marketing team share their thoughts on the latest trends, insights and news.

Charities: Making the most of marketing

At Distract we’re always looking to help our clients achieve their potential in their own way, and with the third sector, it’s important to make sure that their mission statement is being communicated effectively across many channels to help maximise engagement as much as possible.

Digital Marketing – Why are you using it?

Digital marketing is everywhere in this day and age; from social media to billboards. They can appear when watching a video on YouTube, or they could be displayed as an ad when playing a game on your smartphone; the variations of digital marking are incredible, and only heed the call of using a significant portion of your marketing budget on digital advertising.

Are you part of the podcast boom?

We get asked about ways to self-promote and spread key messaging all the time. At the moment, audio is truly a category that’s really growing and one of the best ways that people are seeing returns right now in terms of content creation is podcasting.

Grab your store customers and move them online

Moving your clients from one medium to another is critical to the success of your business. One thing that is necessary for this day and age is keeping that customer within your system, whether that be on a mailing list or in your social media presence.

What is relationship marketing?

So, what is relationship marketing and why should you care? Well, that is what it is all about. Making people care, making you care.

How video marketing can change your business

One of the best ways to market and get noticed online is video. Whether you're marketing on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you should be pairing any written content with videos. To market successfully your company should be observing what works and what doesn't and reacting to it, and without a doubt video marketing works.

Is there a difference between marketing and advertising?

In short, yes, the difference between advertising and marketing is quite substantial. Advertising is the presentation of a product or an idea, whereas marketing is the introduction of something new to the marketplace. To create a successful campaign one must use both concepts together, ensuring that they do not contradict each other.